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A Fast, Reliable, and Integration-Ready Point of Sale System that was built for Retail

When it comes to retail POS software, choose a system that updates automatically and has the latest and greatest system at every POS terminal.

    Retail Software that fast tracks your business operations

    All-in-one platform that delivers every major feature, integration, and tool that retail need to manage every aspect of their business.


    Easy order entry process provides the ability to quickly scan product bar codes and create a faster check-out process.

    Customize menu items by adding pictures on buttons, different font size, or change color of button. Create custom buttons for departments and select items from A-Z to streamline and speed up the order entry and selection process.

    Quickly pull a product up on your order screen with an item search tool. Quick and easy check out process with auto amount selection for food stamps and regular items.


    Reduce customer wait times when you process itemized exchanges and returns in a single transaction on the retail POS. Simply scan the product/item or invoice bar code to pull an order and return a single item or multiple items.

    Track all return items in detail and replenish inventory automatically in the system to better track and manage inventory.


    Manage and maintain inventory items with multiple SKUs, bar codes, and multiple pricing products. Manage all your inventory in one place. Use our stock receive and PO modules to accurately order and receive inventory stock.

    Some common features of our inventory management module:

    • Add unlimited items & departments
    • Add multiple bar codes for an item
    • Manage vendors with item respective part number
      Create and print bar code labels
    • Add unit conversion for single sale or multiple package sale
    • Add and manage Food Stamp items
    • Add item categories
    • Add multiple taxes for items and sell items by tax inclusive pricing
    • Add mix-match pricing for multiple items


    Software has the ability to scan multiple bar codes which improves inventory visibility. Look up items, pricing and description right from scanning the items. Also able to create bar codes for items and can print bar codes using a bar code label printer. Our software has the ability to print the name of the product, bar code, SKU & pricing detail on a single or multiple bar code labels.

    Our smart bar code printing module has the ability to print multiple bar codes for multiple products all from one simple interface


    Flawlessly scan and weigh products with our scale-scanner interface. Our software can scan multiple products and weigh produce/meat in a single interface layout.

    Software has the ability to scan and read price or weight embedded bar codes for meat markets or delis. Easily scan multiple bar codes in UPC, EAN- A and EAN- B setting.


    Matrix modules can create clothing/shoe matrix by adding different sizes, colors, shapes, bar codes, and pricing from one easy layout.

    Style Matrix

    Increase revenue by optimizing choices for customers with our Style Matrix.

    • Create multiple combinations of product attributes with different prices for each
    • Adjust the price, quantity, cost, UPC, and SKU of matrix items
    • Allow different product variations for color, size, and packaging
    • Import matrix items, with an ability to adjust their quantities
    • Add or create multiple bar codes by product variations


    We offers numerous analytic reports to gain insights on what’s driving your business and how to track your sales. With a dashboard that is graphical and mobile friendly you can customize reports to your liking while also being able to review revenues on a single store or multiple stores all from one page.

    Dashboards are customizable so you can tailor information to match your reporting needs and also setup reports to be emailed to you daily.

    Some of the Most Common Reports

    • KPI — Key Performance Indicator Reports
    • Sales Detail Report
    • Sales Summary Reports
    • Product Mix Report
    • Top 10 Selling Items
    • Employee Hours and Wages Report
    • Order Exception Reports
    • EOD Reports
    • Payment Type Reports and Many More Analytic Reporting.

      POS Software

      The world’s organizing skills have been improving day by day and it comes up with a better solution for an old problem or deal with new problems with better systems. This is the time when every person should accept that technology helps us to create a new place, a place where you can save your precious time and prevent yourself from errors,and by better management system we mean a POS software that helps you to manage your system with smoothness and accuracy. POS software provides you a completely organized and well supervise method to track your inventory or deal with your customer, it can be placed in any system or a simple tablet and perform exceptional works.

      Point of Sale Software

      Internet, web browsers, software, and technology have made our life easier and time-saving, this new and advanced world is enhancing and always have something better to offer, now we have different options so we can complete our tasks from home and transact money easily but when you are starting or have a working business you need to make sure you’re using the correct piece of technology to grow your business. These POS systems are based on the best point of sale software that allows you to have consistency in your database and manage all the information without any error. This point-of-sale software is the best source for your business to manage its inventory and it helps you to get your client a better service.

      Point of Sale System

      Everything has flaws and benefits in this world and it makes the world a balanced place but there can be something that can have more flaws or fewer benefits or fewer flaws and more benefits. The important thing is how can we find what we need that can be best or make our business more successful,Here we are offering you the best point of sale system that can provide the smoothest software and the best hardware options and many additional functions. The point-of-sale system can provide you the finest quality management process and unimpaired hardware and software are set.

      Restaurant POS Software

      The world is enhancing every day, and technologies are getting stronger and are provider better and better service on a daily level. But the tradition of restaurants is as old as it was before the process of serving and attending to the clients, and it will remain the same as before. The best part here is technology gets used in restaurants but mostly on the cooking side