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A Fast, Reliable, and Integration-Ready Point of Sale System that was Built for Restaurants

When it comes to restaurants POS software, choose a system that updates automatically and has the latest and greatest system at every POS terminal.

    Restaurants Software that fast tracks your business operations

    Restaurants Software that fast tracks your business operations


    Our intuitive menu design allows for an easy ordering process, faster checkouts and comes with multiple split check capabilities. It helps you manage tickets, order history, refunds, and returns.

    Manage and maintain fully customized menu items with modifiers, choice items, combo meals, recipe management, ingredient tracking along with multiple pricing and tax options.

    It allows you to intuitively track all the details that make up the products you sell. You can always keep your ingredients perfectly stocked, and manage every ingredient that makes each dish a work of art.


    Table Layout allows you to set up a floor plan, view open and seated tables, open an order, and assign tables to servers.

    With Our unique table layout screen, you can create multiple sessions for your restaurant like Dining room, Bar, Patio and many more. We also have a wide array of tables, chairs, booths, walls, plants, restroom, and background colors to select from. You can also add Pool Tables and Bowling lanes.

    Our easy-to-use interface is designed to keep up with the ever-changing needs of your business.  Each of these can be handled with ease and simplicity. This feature also enables you to see which server is working a table, how long it has been open, and the total ticket amount as well.

    Our reservation module can quickly allocate open tables and can avoid double or duplicate reservations.


    Pizza software offers a complete pizza platform for owners and managers of pizza restaurants. Whether your pizza business is one location or a franchise, Pizza module has the flexibility to scale all of your business needs. It has the ability to select from multiple order types like delivery, carry-out, or dine-in and our unique pizza build modules allows you to add multiple sizes, crust, sauce, and toppings from one easy layout. Our software has the ability to create half and half pizza types and also 1/3rd or 1/4th pizzas.


    Restaurant Software is available in 9 languages. Including: English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, French, and Hindi.

    This works really well with bilingual employees; menus are changed to the preferred language of employee based on their login credentials.

    Kitchen and thermal printers can also print in single or dual languages, which will provide ease for bi-lingual employees.


    Mobile handheld devices are designed to improve guest experiences while helping to speed through your rushes and generating more sales beyond your counter.

    Mobile tablet ordering and payment acceptance is designed to facilitate more interaction with guests by speeding through your order and payment process. Orders go to the kitchen in real time, reducing turn times and mistakes which in turn increases staff productivity.

    Your employees can spend more time with guests to explain menu items, any promotions at the table, upsell or cross sell additional items or drinks hence increasing their average ticket and boosting customer satisfaction.

    Our seamless mobile payment EMV/NFC devices enables customers to enter their tips, scan their cards, and leave reviews from one easy layout.


    Simplify and speed up the order entry process with our cutting-edge kitchen display automation.

    Our KDS solution offers restaurant operators the abilities to

    • Display customer name along with order destination
    • Ensure guest safety by accommodating dietary restrictions or other modifications
    • Filter orders based on station function
    • Display order arrival time and monitor preparation time
    • Bump, select, and recall orders
    • Indicate the in-queue ticket numbers
    • Available in bump bar and touchscreen setups


    Streamline your sales at checkout by enabling integrated payments. Accept all the ways your customers prefer to pay, whether it be in-store, online or mobile and on-the go.

    Our software is compatible with 10+ payment processors like First Data, TSYS, Global Payments, Worldpay and many more.

    Our smart payment solution allows customers to pay using their mobile phones using Apple pay or G Pay, our intuitive pay at the table payment modules enables customers to enter tips, scan their own cards and leave reviews from one easy layout.


    We offers numerous analytic reports to gain insights on what’s driving your business and how to track your sales. With a dashboard that is graphical and mobile friendly, you can customize reports to your liking while also being able to review revenues on a single store or multiple stores all from one page.

    Dashboards are customizable so you can tailor information to match your reporting needs, and also set up reports to be emailed to you daily.

    Some of the Most Common Reports

    • KPI — Key Performance Indicator Reports
    • Sales Detail Report
    • Sales Summary Reports
    • Product Mix Report
    • Top 10 Selling Items
    • Employee Hours and Wages Report
    • Order Exception Reports
    • EOD Reports
    • Payment Type Reports and Many More Analytic Reporting


    With our semi cloud-based software, sleek hardware, and a fully integrated partner network, we help multi-unit brands manage and grow their business, while keeping guests coming back.

    Some of today’s largest and fast-growing restaurant brands.

    Features & Benefits

    • Comprehensive multi store analytic reporting
    • Inventory Control
    • Food Cost Analysis
    • Forecasting
    • Time & Attendance
    • Labor Scheduling


    Self Ordering Kiosk helps you grow your revenue and optimize your square footage.

    Our state-of-the-art Kiosk can optimize order efficiency, save a restaurant owner money, and increase guest experience.

    Available in 21.5″ floor stands and table or wall mounts.


    • Next generation kiosk design
    • 21.5′ Projected touch screen in portrait mode
    • Integrated design with built in Epson printer

      POS Software

      The working world has always something to get your life easier and more established, but the point is, do you know how to grab the opportunity and let the miracle happen for you? The software advancement is a thing that you can get your work easily done through with fewer error chances.POS system that is a mixture of a whole world in it, have up-to-date and have prime POS software to handle the data of our management system. The important part for any business is to keep an eye on every single detail without mixing them and manage the whole documents and the most compound issue that is keeping a record of any sort of financial transaction. Our POS software has these incredible working capabilities that anyone can ask for their business growths.

      POS System Canada

      We are moving in a speedy era, where having only some advanced features and minuscule technological stuff doesn’t save you, you can face some significant troubles in the business world. Every person needs all option in one click now. There are a-lot of things you can avail from this system; this POS system Canada has a lot to offer you. It can make billing process easy for you as it accepts all kind of payment methods and keeps your payment information all safe and secure, and it can handle the whole database of every customer and employee without any errors and mixing things up. The best thing about this POS system Canada is what you can easily rely on, this can help you to get your inventory track with perfect time management and helps you get your customer a fast and better service that leaves the best impression

      Restaurant POS System

      Starting your new restaurant in town where people have a lot of options what different you can offer them to come to you? Better service and easy methods of payments so they can easily enjoy their time without any interruptions.. Restaurant POS system is the best, it is really easy to handle and not much complex to need an extra amount of people to run it. The first and very important thing for a restaurant to manage their inventory so they can’t get run out of any ingredient dusting open hours. This restaurant POS system can help you to manage the process of sales and purchase of inventory and keep all the billing information recorded, and the second thing that is also an important factor.

      Point of Sale Software

      This modern and technical era, have a lot to offer us, we can get things done very easily and we can get our solutions in seconds, so what if you are starting your business with traditional methods and not allowing yourself to rely on technologies and software your business cannot get the success it deserves. . Point of sale software can help you to create accounts reports for your business and help you to analyze all the reports easily. It helps you get your employees training easily and help you to provide fast service with cash and payments. The main and important feature is that it keeps all the track record of your inventory and helps you to manage that on time. Point of sale software helps you to manage payments through mobile and provide you with a lot of payments options that make it easy to get more customers.

      POS System for Small Business

      Starting your business is never too easy you have to go through many compound processes to set your dream’s first step. . POS system for small business is the system that can provide a better result with a light cost and help you to make your customers trust your service, it helps you to easily refund and manage to provide a best payments options in the world. The important thing is that if you invest your money in a thing that helps you to fulfil your dream then it’s worth doing it and POS system for small business is everything you need to work with, it provides you extra smoothness and helps you to keep your database safe and secure and track your inventory with proper time management